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High Street Agent

Much fewer customers go into high street agents shops anymore

High street agents charging high fees

Contracts with long tie ins and then you’re stuck with an ineffective agent

Landlord beware of contracts with hidden costs

Urban Keys

Nearly all property buyers and tenants now use online portals to search for available properties

With us we’ve set up to offer you choice and value for money

No lengthy tie ins because we want to be effective

Our fees are clear and transparent – always

Online Agent

A faceless reality and sometimes you just feel like a number.

So called property experts who never really know why your home is special

Sometimes you have to do your own photos, floor plans and descriptions

You’re never dealing with the same person throughout the process always someone new and information is often mixed or lost

Urban Keys

‘Your Agent’ will meet you and be on hand from start to finish

We will always visit your home to see what makes it special, so we can sell it

‘Your Agent’ will take photos, organise floor plans and write your description and have it online, in just a few hours

Dedicated agent from start to finish. No mix ups and no lost information